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Hey, You’re Cool! Scholito

" ... As he continues his grind, Scholito (alongside Freeway and producer S.Frank) started the New Rothchilds movement (arguably their own take on the earliest days of Roc-A-Fella) rooted in both quality and upward mobility. If that isn’t cool, then I don’t know what is. ..."

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Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love, where the people are friendly, the culture is thick and the music scene is evolving and growing even more now amidst change and divide that will forever be part of our American fabric.

The Philadelphia born artist, Scholito (Lito) entered the national music scene beside music royalty; Freeway. He represents Philly and its lifestyle and is one of the most prolific MC's to come out of the City of Brotherly Love. Freeway was instrumental in the success of State Property; and Roc-A-Fella Records. Freeway's classic hits include: "What We Do" with Jay-Z and "Roc Da Mic" with Beanie Sigel.

Freeway's legacy continued last March with the release of Free Will which garnered critical praise across the board. Scholito and his production partner S. Frank produced the album with Freeway. Scholito appeared in Freeway's debut video, "Hot as Ice." Scholito says, "We learned so much from Freeway. He always said make sure you never give up, and make that your work ethic then you will survive and prosper in the music business. Freeway is the ultimate professional; he taught me to be positive and to stay focused on the prize."

Scholito's music released under his own moniker, New Rothchilds represents a broad musical base which helps supplement Philadelphia's immersion into Hip-hop culture. The city embodies diversity; bursting with influence and style. Philly has produced some of the best DJ's as well as rappers. Scholito is part of the new emergence of young rappers coming out of the Philadelphia scene. Lito believes that the emotion in the lyric needs to be at the forefront of the live performance but needs to be cultivated within the production as well; creating an emotional roller coaster of music for the listener.

Scholito and his production partner, S. Frank are childhood friends whose talents coincide and mesh. Lito adds, "Frank and I know how to showcase my voice and balance the music; creating vivid portraits that make you feel good while evoking a lifestyle based thread."

The debut video, "All Eyes, Featuring Freeway" showcases the Hip-hop icon while effortlessly revealing the young duo's immense talent. Scholito says, "The song references people, whether they like you or not, they're still paying attention."

Freeway says, "It was great working with Scholito on the "All Eyes" record! We have a chemistry that is unmatched. The incredible track produced by Scholito and S. Frank put me in the mind state of and old 2 PAC Record, that's why I started my last verse off like: The late great legendary MC."

The second video off Scholito's EP, Streets Ain't Safe, Volume 1 entitled, "Scholito- Philly State of Mind" tells the story of 3 different children trying to survive in Philadelphia and how they ended up on the street. Lito adds, "I hope the song helps homeless children to not be stereotyped; and that people can have compassion and understanding that these kids learn to cope differently."

Scholito pays homage to the special path that was opened for him. His music gives way to a new generation of musical cooperativeness whose acceptance of the new order has given rise to copious talent and has helped fuel a creative need and real ability to make great music.

Scholito recently signed a co-publishing deal with Sony Records/Rockstar Ent. in part due to the recognition they received due to their work with the legendary lyricist, Freeway.

Scholito admires Jay-Z. He explains, "His wit and ability to use music as an engine to become a superior musician and better businessman offers insight to his genius and passion. He doesn't follow trends, he always sets them."

Scholito's new video, "All Eyes, Featuring Freeway" is available now.


Scholito formed New Rothchilds in 2013 with the help of his producer/ lifelong friend, S. Frank. As part of the conglomerate, New Rothchilds and legendary MC, Freeway joined forces in 2015. Working with Freeway in support of his 2016 critically acclaimed record, Free Will, Freeway's debut single, "Hot as Ice" went viral. Scholito released his debut EP, Streets Ain't Safe, Volume 1 in April 2017. Scholito will continue his rise in Hip-hop, unleashing a barrage of beautiful videos that represent his Philadelphia lifestyle and motto: The Plush Life.





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