Business Never Personal Vol. 3

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New God MC, Vol. 2

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The "New God Mc" project is very hard hitting and full of rich lush sounds. On this project "Scholito" is giving you range in his music capabilities. Scholito also included a record specifically for the women on this project unlike Vol 1 titled "Another You". The project also has a chopped up Sway interview from Shade 45 throughout the sequence. This project was designed for the listener to not skip a song, or you may miss something special.

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"Streets Ain't Safe" Vol.1

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This project is Scholito's introduction to the world. The first of a series of 3 projects. Scholito targeted the streets with this body of work, while still giving you lifestyle in a commercial way. One of the standout records on the project "All Eyes" featuring the hip hop legend "Philadelphia Freeway" received national recognitions landing a spot on Bet Jams. The project has only been out since April 14, 2017 and already has a little over 500,000 streams across all digital platforms. Look forward to Vol 2. titled "New God Mc".

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Black Lives Matter - EP by Scholito

'Black Lives Matter - EP by Scholito' Image

"I did this project to keep a balanced conversation going to youth culture," Scholito said via e-mail. "It represents every emotion I'm hearing in the street and in the news. All lives and Blue lives matter but at this time my focus is on the narrative and the black lives were losing at such a fast and visual rate that's hard to understand how justice in some of these cases isn't fairly served."

Throughout the 9-track EP, there are live clips of racists whites spewing hate as well as cops, the late Maya Angelou, and Minister Louis Farrakhan delivering insight. notable tracks include "Mandela," "4 Letter Word," and "Black Lives Matter" with John Blu.

"Black Man," a hard-hitting track that describes how a young Scholito soaks up game from an O.G. But most importantly, "Black Man" tackles black-on-black violence. On the S. Frank-produced, "Bleached Whites," Scholito speaks from the POV of a racist white man.

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